The Experienced Foundation Installers

in Crawley, Burgess Hill, Horley, Sussex, Surrey and Kent

Foundations prove vital for the long-term strength of homes, commercial locations and outdoor areas. This is because any structure needs the proper support, otherwise it might crack, sink into the dirt or suffer from other large-scale problems. At JH Building Services, we work as foundation installers across Crawley, Burgess Hill, Horley and the surrounding areas. Our team comes fully qualified to undertake the necessary foundation work, ensuring your upcoming build can stand firm long into the future.

By choosing JH Building Services, you receive:

  • Professional foundation design work
  • The prompt disposal of unwanted soil
  • Careful excavation to the proper depths
  • All groundworks and drainage services
  • Concrete laying and expert screeding
  • A bespoke estimate for your consideration

Foundation Installers | Starting Your Project With the Proper Care

Whether you have a new build on the horizon, are planning to extend or would like to enjoy a new patio with outdoor furniture, our team can assist. With our foundation installers and experienced builders, you get a dedicated service that works hard to keep the project running on time and within the budget agreed.

The Importance of Foundations

With natural forces constantly shifting the earth beneath your feet, any structure you build may experience some degree of movement. Foundations keep your build, landscape or extension safe from this movement, which might otherwise lead to cracks and subsidence. The moisture of the soil, changes in temperature and even water tables may change over time, but with a solid set of foundations from a professional team, your structure can resist these forces in the longer term.

A carefully built foundation will keep your property in good stead, even in poor soil conditions. As such, you won’t have to worry about leaning, structural problems or any other groundwork-related issue when it comes to your domestic or commercial project.

Tailoring the Foundations to Your Site

Our foundation installers will assess the ground conditions to decide on the best approach. With a talent for groundworks, we remove and dispose of the unwanted layers of soil using modern techniques to ensure we reach an accurate depth. Our foundation service also includes screeding, which creates a firm surface for your floors in Crawley, Burgess Hill, Horley or the nearby regions and even provides some degree of thermal protection.

Your foundations must bear the weight of the structure above for decades to come. For this reason, you should always choose foundation installers with the right credentials to take up the project on your behalf. We come NVQ certified, CIB-trained for Health and Safety, and hold CPCS and CSCS cards for peace of mind.

From new builds to patios, extensions, basements and commercial environments, you can trust our team to carry out all foundation work for long-term success.

If you need the aid of professional foundation installers, either in Crawley, Burgess Hill, Horley or the Sussex area, please call 01293 882910 or 07792 011369.


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