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What we Achieve for Your Home

As builders with over 15 years of industry experience and training to NVQ level, we provide a range of benefits through our construction work. We achieve ideal results for our customers in Copthorne, Crawley and the surrounding areas, whether carrying out house extensions, hard landscaping, house renovations or other services. From creating much needed space to improving the energy efficiency of your home, our building contractors and groundwork contractors deliver all kinds of improvements and advantages. Find out we can achieve for your property.

A Word About Our Newest Services

We at JH Building Services are proud to announce that we also work as new home builders for clients from all walks of life. Our team brings its passion for renovations and extensions to the creation of residential homes, pushing quality forwards with supreme attention to detail. We can build a small or larger property, taking due care with all aspects.

Foundation installers prove vital during this process. We carry out this preliminary step to lend enduring strength to your build so that it can last long into the future.

Although exact results will depend on the specifics of your project, the following are some of the main benefits our work provides:

Greater Comfort

When undertaking domestic projects in Copthorne, increasing the comfort of your home is one of our builders’ top priorities. By ensuring all your systems work as they should and creating the space you need, we make daily life as easy and as comfortable as possible.

House extensions ensure your family aren’t tripping over each other’s feet and that you have the space you need prevent your home feeling cramped. In addition, our house renovations include repairs and updates to make your home run smoothly and reliably. This may include plumbing, heating and electrical work.

JH Building Services Ltd can even improve the comfort of your garden because our groundwork contractors construct durable patios and paths that allow you to use the space without worrying about uneven ground, mud or other concerns.

Aside from groundworks, we also work as foundation installers and extend our service to new builds, care of our talented new home builders.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Our building contractors regularly improve the energy efficiency of properties in Copthorne. This offers a number of benefits, such as greater comfort, lower energy bills and more eco-friendly living.

House renovations are the best way to improve efficiency because they involve repairing and updating elements throughout your home. Common ways we increase energy efficiency through renovations include replacing windows, updating boilers and heating systems, improving insulation and installing modern eco-friendly appliances.

Loft conversions also help maximise efficiency because they involve insulating the loft space.


Our professional building services allow customers in the Copthorne area to really personalise their homes. For example, with house extensions or loft conversions, our building contractors allow you to create your dream space, whatever that may be. Our groundwork contractors even help you personalise your outdoor space by constructing patios, driveways and paths in colours and styles of your choice.

Creative Storage

Many households in Copthorne struggle to find enough storage space, but with the help of our builders, this will become a thing of the past. When carrying out house renovations and extensions, we can include various creative storage options which maximise space without taking away useable space.

For example, we can incorporate storage into awkward areas such as recesses and alcoves, making the most of otherwise unusable space.

 Achieving for Your Property

Making a home liveable takes more than just a new coat of paint. Bringing a huge amount of skill and experience to the table, our new home builders can revitalise your space or create an all-new abode with modern appeal.

New Builds – Taking on a new development project is no small task. Thankfully, our experts are up to the task. Known locally as new home builders, we can aid with every facet of the build to keep to the expected timeframe.

Foundations – Without excellent care of hardworking foundation installers, anything you build would sink into the dirt below. Skilled in excavation, the removal of soil, screeding and more besides, we provide the exact support needed to bear the weight of the structure above.

Get in touch with the building contractors at JH Building Services on 01293 882910 or 07792 011369 to find out what we can do for your home in Copthorne or the surrounding areas.


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